Hope Show 56

“If I could tell you one thing now
that you’re beautiful
and there’s no need for changing
like that old cassette”

1. Propagandhi – Dear Coach’s Corner
2. Holiday – Missiles on The Roof
3. Personnel – Close Quarters
4. Chris Dodge / Dave Witte – Whiffletree
5. Moutpiece – Back in time
6. the objectorz – One way conversation
7. Stay Clean Jolene – Old Songs
8. Slingshot Dakota – Cassette
9. The Dudley Corporation – Kind of light
10. Phil Black – the creeper
11. Sunn O))) – Western Horn
12. De La SOul – The Magic Number
13. New Bums – Your Girlfriend Might Be A Cop
14. The Fur Coats – 25 Year Plan
15. Accidente – Rejas De Color
16. Great St Louis – Croal
17. Carla Bozulich – Drowned To the Light (Boy)
18. Flies On You – Shipmanesque

When I’ve got Propagandhi on my headphones I becopme a different person. Ragin’ full on is what Mike Watt would say. Close your eyes and rage

I first heard Holiday when I got their 7″ along with Stay Clean Jolene. Unfortunately they ended up in the glorious shadow of the Stay Clean Jolene 7″, much like a bad news story gets swept up with a good news plant. I say them live last week and it reminded me to retrieve the &” and I’m glad I did.

I’ve been playing Personnel over the past few weeks and I think I will until you get their record.

I know Chris Dodge from Maximum Rock’n’roll fanzine which is an institution in the punk rock world. I used to sell it but like the rest of this country bad debts got in the way . I have no nama to go into and i’m trying to pay it back along with others. Like MRR Chris is a hardcore institution

Moutpiece are from Dublin, think they’ve stopped playing. Maybe they are like Fugazi and on hiatus. One of them is now in
the objectorz and I believe new recordings are on the way.

I can’t explain how much I’m enjoying Stay Clean Jolene these days. It’s like stumbling across your new favourite food. And I’m starving

Slingshot Dakota are new to me. I was drawn by the tile of this song as it brings back memories of pens and broken tapes. Never will those times return in this digital age. It is a beautiful song, much like those old tapes.

The Corpo have been treading the boards of the Dublin scene for many years now, criminally ignored but that’s ok. We can keep them all to ourselves.

Phil Black’s motto is Pick up your guitar and fuck it. I was expecting folk attitude but it’s a drawback to to 1978, a nice drawback.

Sunn O))) is heavy. Very heavy. The drone sound that so many are trying comes from Sunn O)))’s seed. The original and the best? This is the new collaborative effort between Sunn O))) and ulver . Dark and deep as I look out into the rain sodden day it seems so apt.

After the deep despair of Sunn O))) and Ulver I thought we could do with some sunshine of De la Soul

New Bums were recently fired from the police force. this duo got together after their employer let them go and here is their recollection of events

The fur coats are from prtland Oregon and their new record is a refreshing breeze on a warm day

Accidente want to pour rain on you and make you fry yourself. They want a reaction, want you to be angry and wish you would do something about it

The Great St Louis are class, yep there’s someone from Stay Clean Jolene in them and please indulge me. It’s my favourite food this week.

Carla Bozulich is the first non canadian to be released on Constellation records . new album, boy, is available now

Flies on you are heading back into the studio soon, hopefully the fruit of their labour will equal last years excellent output.

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