Dreams from the Factory Floor cover
Dreams from the Factory Floor cover

Louise Distras
Dreams From The Factory Floor


“I don’t view myself as a protest singer, I view myself as a young woman passing on a message for the next generation.”

or so Louise proclaims but this is a record full of what seems like protest songs. But then on further inspection they really are stories or appeals.

It will be impossible to review this record without mentioning the message behind it. That’s what really adds to it. One woman and her guitar is how Louise normally plays it but there’s guests on the recordings here that serve to beef up the songs but at their most bare they are most powerful. The website states that these tracks are twelve clenched fists full of fury aimed squarely at consumer society, sexual discrimination, and the ‘chosen few’ who run society in their own interests. That sums it up remarkably well but within the clenched fists and the anger are well crafted songs that you will wish to return to. Sing along parts will haunt you for days. I’m finding myself cycling along singing parts of this album at all times. The kids are getting tired of me shouting to them “Open Your Eyes What can you see, closing your heart won’t set you free” or “Never let the hand you hold, hold you down”

I have been writing reviews in various formats since my first zine in 1984. Every now and then a record or an artist comes along that I want to believe in. Someone that wants to make this world a better place and is using music as ingredient in this change. Louise is one of these people. Please support her.


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