Hope Show 75 the lowdown

1. The Vaselines – High Tide Low Tide
2. Death In THe Sickroom – Brick To The Face
3. We Were Evergreen – Daughters
4. Omelette – Happiness
5. Pissed Jeans – Boring Girls
6. Sissy – Nothing
7. Mika Miko – End Of Time
8. No Age Escarpment
9. System of Hate – Infected
10. Get Human – Holding On
11. Kimberley Steaks – Wrong Exit
12. LaChance – Scars of Youth
13. Dead Kennedys – I Kill Children
14. Paranoid Visions w/ Steve Ignorant – When
15. Neurotics – Does Anyone KNow where the March is
16. Minor Threat – I Don’t Wanna Hear It
17. Slow Science – Arctic Radio Broadcast
18. The Cut Ups – I say no to air conditioning
19. So Cow – Outskirts

I’ve gotta say I’m enjoying the new Vaselines album, it has enough of the C86 vibe to bring back happy memories of twee pop but it;s a hard version of twee. Great tunes with some distortion

Death in the sickroom are from Dublin, always nice to be able to support the hometown. They released a single in July, Brick to the face is from that

When I saw we were evergreen in London I was blown away by the pop beauty of their songs and their latest album doesn’t quite reflect that breezy happy go lucky sound. Studio recordings can be hard to capture live excitement but believe me live they are a joy.

Omelette are a Dublin band from the 90’s (hard to believe it’s that long ago!!). Their one and only album resurfaced recently and I thought it’d be worth your while listening to them and it gives us a chance to move on from the pop start but not too drastic a change

Pissed Jeans released their debut album, Shallow, in 2005. SUb Pop have seen it fit to remaster it and bring it to a wider audience. Manic, razy attack on your senses. Imagine if Butthole Surfers started hanging out with No Age..

Sissy are another Dublin band, pretty new to me. They have brought their attitude out from the garage on to their new ep

Mika Miko played with the aforementioned NO age in Dublin many moons ago. Their CYSLABF album on Kill Rock Stars still gets plenty of airing on my stereo

Seeing as I’ve mentioned them twice already I thought I’d give you a bit of No Age, no easy listening one mind you, that’d be too fair on ya.

Time to go a bit more punk rock sounding and play some recent releases from the world of UK DIY. I may have played System of hate recently but their Ashes ep has four tracks so Infected it is tonight.

Get Human are neighbours of System of Hate and I’m loving their current release for its optimism as much as its sound. I’ve played them the past two weeks so three in a row is a bit f a record for this show. I promise to move on next week, maybe.

Make that a take is a pretty prolific label in Dundee and the next two are from this land. They said Yes to Scotish independence so maybe it should now be known as the peoples republic of Dundee, home to punk rockers Kimberley Steaks, LaChance and many more

I love doing this radio show, where else would you get a chance to play we were evergreen and Dead Kennedys on the same show. The Dead Kennedys! What a band.

Steve Ignorant collaborated with Paranoid Visions on last years excellent album, When. Their set at rebellion was pretty good so thought it nice to follow Jello with this

Speaking of punk rock I see Steve Drewett from the Neurotics might be bringing out a solo record soon. I hope the songs are even half as good as ones like this.

Ending this set is Minor Threat, I Don’t Wanna Hear it. What a song! I heard this week that Fugazi are releasing their first demo over the next few weeks, exciting times from DC

Slow Science have just released their new record, launched last night. Like Adebisi Shank they have released it just in time to split up. A real shame

I don’t think the Cut-Ups have split. Their album is still out on Boss Tuneage, get it before they do split

And so the show ends. So Cow from Galway are heading across some ocean or sea to play gigs outside Ireland soon. Pretty much ignored they have been on the go for a number of years, slogging away regardless of what people say.

Stay punk!

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