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Ask any parent what they would do for their kids and your stock answer will probably be whatever is needed. The true meaning of love is that you would step in the way of a travelling bullet and that is a starting point for your kids.

And so, with that mind, that is how Steven Gerrard’s new book ended in my collection. Footballers biographies don’t feature too large in number in my collection but they generally increase by one each Christmas. No, Im not a Liverpool fan and, as an Irishman, football for me is a game played by teams of 15 and you get a score when you kick the ball over the bar. So, soccer it is which is what Gerrard is now playing in the States.

Another salvo of what you would do for your children is read a 460 page book as it was bough for you as a present. At your first opportunity. And you know what, I enjoyed it. This story is Gerrard second book abut his life. 35 years old and two books. It is mostly/ made of of the 2013/14 season when Liverpool were challenging for the Premiership title (no this is not a spoiler, its kind of hard to avoid hearing about the English Premier League). The most startling piece for me is how many of the players are now with different clubs… Put that beside Gerrard who was with Liverpool since he was 8 years old. Many of the managers are different, how hard is it for footballers to express loyalty when really it is only the fans who seem to stay with the one club. Players move workplace like most of the worlds workforce and yet fans put so much faith in them.

If you like Liverpool, England or the idea of one player being with a football club for most of his/ life then this is worthwhile. If you believe in Justice fior the 96 people who tragically lost their lives at Hillsborough then, thankfully, this is worthwhile. If you believe that football players are actors in a soap opera then you wont get too much from this other than the fact that a player gets his agent to arrange holidays for them and they are shielded from so much of the real world.


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