Written by Ger Gallagher
The Viking theatre
Worth is a play set in Dublin’s Celtic tiger days. as the bubble was about to burst it is a mirror on a certain aspect of society that chased the money. A cohort of people who mixed with developers and believed that property was the solution to all our ills How ironic that is 10 years later when homelessness is at an all time high.
Geraldine Plunkett does a great job as Jenny Lavelle, a woman aging but not too happy with the way her sons world is turning. He has moved to Kildare “only a 40 minute drive, when the traffic is good” and has a life where time is at a premium for him and his family.
Jenn Mcguirk is Paula Harte, Jenny’s newly moved in neighbour, with the ideal house but not necessarily a home complete with swimming pool. Jenn organises coffee mornings for hospice but seems a slave to her home for fear of upsetting her husband.
Marcus Lamb is Des, the son of Jenny. Accountant with hectic lifestyle viewing his mothers home as an asset and along with his chauffeur has a lifestyle so different from the world inhabited by his parents.
Worth is a well acted story of a recent time in our history that some are intent on returning to. It captures the moment remarkably well and with dialogue that has you smiling, crying and reflecting it is well worth your time

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