March 16 1991

Herb Garden, Village Idiots, Ciunas


The Herb Garden gig was a disaster. The first really bad one in Charlie’s, it brought back memories of Antic Hay in the Grattan. I still had this plan that if ‘Hope’ is put on the poster people would still go along to the gig regardless of who was playing. We were starting to sell fanzines and records at gigs.

People were being encouraged to bring out their own zines. We were trying to create a small community, one that could work together and help each other out.. It all worked fine when there was a band playing that people had heard of and they actually wanted to see. It also was of additional value if the band was American. Not sure why but people appreciated American bands more. In the case of Herb Garden 22 people paid in. Considering that the people putting on the gig paid in, that literally meant 22 peoplethere plus band members. Emmet Greene from Cork travelled up to this gig with the Village Idiots. Emmet has continued to put gigs on in Cork.


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