April 24 1990

Nomeansno, N.O.W., Killercrust, Trenchtown, Sloth

New Inn
Nik Evans was the person organising the British end of a tour for Nomeansno. He rang to ask if we would be willing to get the band a gig in Dublin. I was a fan of the band so readily agreed and knew that the New Inn would be perfect. It had plenty of space to allow people to dance. Unfortunately for me I was also pretty sick around this time. I had been out of work since the previous December and had been diagnosed as having Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome. I had little energy to deal with all the intricacies of gig promoting. Other bands had to be contacted, posters/fliers made and distributed. Fergus and Paddy helped out immensely with this one. We decide to meet up regularly in my house and discuss forthcoming gigs.

During our discussion it was felt that it would be a good idea to have the Nomeansno gig as a benefit. We thought that seeing as there would be a decent crowd there, we could raise some money for an organisation but more importantly try and raise some awareness. Amnesty International seemed a good choice. Nomeansno were happy if they got their travel expenses and all other bands played for free.

I spent most of Nomeansno’s set in a car outside the venue and therefore didn’t get to see someone hurting their ankle dancing. They were happy with the £20 we gave them for their taxi fare and their hospital fee

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