Dec 23 1990

The Umbrellas


Benefit for Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

My musical influences in early life come from my family. I can’t claim anything else. It was my brothers who turned me onto to Punk, returning from their weekly  expeditions to Advance Records and Golden Discs on Liffey Street. They continued listening to punk but also moved on to other music. I was left behind.having developed  a penchant for their record collection. My brother Gar is a huge ska fan and it as with him in mind that I asked The Umbrellas to play.

I knew their singer Barry (who went on to play in Skint) from the times when his previous band Hey Presto had played with Not Our World. Up to now Gar (along with other brothers John and Joe) had  helped if we needed assistance with transport, or on the night at some gigs. They were willing weight bearers of PA stacks and were always available. Gar had also
been helping me with stuff due to my illness so I thought he’d like to see “The Brollies” 2 days before Christmas. He enjoyed it, as did 50-odd others who forgot about  their shopping for a while and supported this gig. It may seem odd criteria for selecting a band but The Umbrellas were a good band and one worth asking to play.

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