Thursday’s Tunes
Guest DJ: Paddy McPoland

You want some folk with your punk, punk?

When Paddy McPoland was asked to list his five favourite Irish singles, naturally he delivered a list of 15! We like rulebreakers here at the Hope fanzine, so here is Paddy’s list in full.

What is interesting is how it spans punk and folk, with some good Irish indie-rock and pop sprinkled in too.
But Paddy’s emphasis on Irish punk and folk won’t surprise anyone he knows him. He is a fierce champion of Irish music of any sort and he is well remembered for taking the Underground generation (the Dame St venue that thrived from the mid-1980s) and exposing them to a wider audience around the country.

When the vogue was for bands from across the water, Paddy helped to nurture some of the best of Ireland’s emerging rock acts in the 1980s and onwards.

The Radiators from Space – Kitty Ricketts

A House – Call Me Blue

Damien Dempsey – Sing All Your Cares Away

The Undertones – Hypnotised

Paul Brady & Andy Irvine – Arthur McBride

The Gloaming – The Sailors Bonnet

Luke Kelly – Scorn Not His Simplicity

Sack – What Have the Christians Ever Do for Us?

Whipping Boy – Personality

Laura Izibor – What Would you Do

The Outcasts – Magnum Force

Subterreaneans – Maxi Joy

The Clancy Brothers – Brennan on the Moor

Stump – Charlton Heston

The Thrills – Big Sur

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