Waterslide Records

This record somehow slipped into my grasp. It was on my pile of ones to get around to for a while. Along with a growing number of books this pile is getting bigger. I promised myself over Christmas i would try and tackle it. Songs about materialism and a better way of life are all worthy but with my growing number of records and books can I really promote this lifestyle?

I do have a philosophy around new stuff. I’ve enough clothes so if I buy something it must be replacing an item, preferably one that can’t be worn anymore. I tried it with books and was going by well but it is starting to fall by the wayside. I like having a library in my house. I like the idea of sitting round having a chat with the kids or some friends and then going to the bookshelf for a reference. That is my internet search.

And then there’s records and cds. I find it hard to part with old records. I did a purge around 15 years ago and i still get pangs about it. I hoped they’d go to a good home but you can never be too sure.

The fifth song in on this record, ‘Change the standard’, made me think of this. As if Willem is having a chat with me whilst Propogandhi are providing the soundtrack. “If more equals better and if billions are the new millions the we need a new better”. I couldn’t agree more.

I’m loving this record. The words mean so much, a plea to change the game and look at things in a different light. Like their Dutch compatriots Funeral Oration there is a melodic hardcore feel but as mentioned earlier there is a definite Propagandhi influence here. As I’m sitting here listening and reading the words I can only come up with one thing. This is brilliant.


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