Punk never wants to know that punk could be redefined and still stay punk, the genre has held its own from its origin and anything that’s not punk, well it just isnt punk, until now…

Enter Wonk Unit, a 21st Century punk band that brings the present into the stone set genre we all know as punk. I asked their singer Alex to send me his top 5 tunes from the van as this band seem like they are on a never ending tour. Within 10 minutes he was back. Typical of the band it is a collection of tracks that show the humour and attitude. Theirs is not a punk rock collection which their sound conveys. It is a mixture of daft and challenging. They are playing Dublin on Saturday in DBD Venue and I ill be part of the diy community celebrating it.

Lana del Ray – video games

Carole king – you got a friend

Fun boy Three – the lunatics have taken over the asylum

Elton john- I guess that’s why they call it the blues

Dave Edmunds – girls talk

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