Veganic Wind
Boss tuneage

One really important part of history is to make sure it’s documented before its forgotten. Maybe that’s how the Bible came about. I’m sure there’s some manuscripts that purport to tell the stories it is telling.

In 2,000 years there will be a whole chunk of history forgotten prior to the digital age. For music that will be the many songs recorded on 8 track and subsequently analogue tapes. A huge number of these still exist on that original format but the methods for playing them are diminishing.

Thankfully Boss Tuneage are doing some great work on these. Aston has been picking out demo tapes that were never released and putting them to vinyl. One such beauty is Northern Ireland’s FUAL. An ode to living rather than the dead FUAL sprang form the war zone collective social Centre in Belfast. There’s was a punk rock with a message but they never tried to take their serious message too seriously. Their demo was called veganic wind and yes it was referring to flatulence and not the old farts that had been ruining Northern Ireland. The songs are stories, tales of their time. A time that could be lost to history if we didn’t have the pictures and the publications preserved. The reality of the country was war, bitterness and spite. War zone were a beacon of light for people in ireland. The motto was “We will be free” and whilst the people involved are probably still screaming that it is not to a backdrop of bombs and bullets.

Musically this is punk rock and could belong on Crass records alongside some of the more melodic releases the label put out. A great document if history of the Irish punk scene and a real stamp to see

More info on warzone here


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