This week it’s the turn of Hooligan and Blue Carpet Band Guitarist Dave Linehan to pick 5 songs he’s listening to at the moment. Lenny has a long history of playing in bands and is the young boy that has grabbed fame in a picture from Dandelion Market days in Dublin outside Advance Records. His band, Hooligan were due to play Drop Dead Twice with xSLF on Saturday but this has been cancelled. Lenny however is playing in London with Blue Carpet Band on Saturday night. I was reminded of Lenny’s stint with Aidan Walsh’s band the Screaming Eagles during the week as Aidan met with the pope as he was having dinner in Brother Kevins Capuchin Centre. The movie about Aidan features some screaming eagles tracks and can be viewed below too

Aidan Walsh – Master of The Universe from Let's Not Lose It Productions on Vimeo.

1. The Blue Carpet Band – I love the city (Rock N’Roll Carpet Relaid)

2. Kickback Generation – Roots, Boots & Brotherhood (Fending For ourselves ep)

3. The Defects – Third Time Lucky (Feed The Good Dog)

4. Angelic Upstarts – A Young Punk (Reason Why)

5. Bob Marley & the Wailers -Jamming (Exodus)

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