It’s a bit quieter this week but there’s a few crackers in store.
Murder Capital are in the Workmans on Friday.  Murder Capital, along with Fontaines DC are receiving a lot of press these days proclaiming them as saviours of Irish Punk.  They didn’t ask for the label but as any reader of this blog knows there’s a lot going on in Irish Punk.  Take this week for example, On Thursday GBH are in the Bowery with Paranoid Visions and Lee Harveys and on the same night there is a showing of the documentary Queercore: How to Punk a revolution.  The night of Murder Capital sees Bailwitch in the Thomas House, the Dando Sessions in Fibbers with Brain Donation.  A litany of Failures in the Thomas House on the same night promises to be an excellent evening and for many the highlight of the week is La Llàgrima and Surge with Pacifics and Rising Damp in Bohs on Saturday

This weeks gigs 

Aine Cahill – Whelans, Dec 12
Vernon Jane – Button Factory, Dec 12
Ryan j McMullan – Academy, Dec 13
Ham Sandwich – Whelans, dec 13 – 14
Síomha – Whelans Upstairs, Dec 13
GBH, Paranoid visions, the Lee Harvey’s – the Bowery, Dec 13
Queercore: How to Punk a Revolution (Screening) – A4 Sounds, Dec 13
Bailwitch – Thomas house, Dec 14
The Murder Capital, Workmans, Dec 14
A Litany of failures with That Snaake, Junk Drawer, Nervvs, The Sunshine Factory – Drop Dead Twice, Dec 14
Brain Donation, the Reverend Mongo Joans and the Coathanger Solutions
Drastics, Kyro Jones – Fibbers, Dec 14
The Blades – Academy, Dec 15
La Llàgrima, Surge, Pacifics, Rising Damp – Bohs Bar, Dec 15
Pokey Lafarge – Grand Social, Dec 15
Mortiis- fibbers, Dec 15
Jerry Fish – Whelans, Dec 16

List of upcoming gigs here

One thought on “This weeks gigs: Dec 10 – 16

  1. Anyone heard of Brum. He’s a bloke who runs a shop in D8 and is a mad Clash fan. I spoke with him last year he told me that the lead singer in PV seems fake…But wasn’t Joe Strummer middle class posing as working class. No one is untainted in this world! Top man Brum and worth a look at his shop near Christchurch for his Punk magazines etc….A man with a lot to say, but of course the mainstream says nothing.

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