Mean Girls
Is this me forever
Community records

With vocals sounding far away in the mix this is a nice trip into emo punk. There’s feeling right throughout touching on chaos with song tempo changes and even anthemic in parts. There’s nods to rites of spring in here but also an air of pop throughout.

Each song seems to be a plea or maybe an opening of feelings. “I’m sorry I’m not good with words, but who knew they held so much hurt” is such a powerful line. I could dissect it all night but when it’s screamed out by It’s earnest meaning can’t be questioned.

As someone who put on many gigs many years ago I still find myself in situations going up to people and saying hi, it seems to be the nice thing to do but in reality we both know it’s just small talk. “Hi, how have you been for the past 30 years” ah fine is the usual answer but it doesn’t go near answering the question so maybe “small talk is for suckers”.

This is an album full of depressing words and negativity but listening to it seems like a session in therapy. I hope it’s the same for the band, as musically it is an emo explosion but deep down there is hope, hidden in there somewhere. Maybe don’t tell the band.

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