Hope Show 129 available here

  1. The Outcasts – You’re a Disease
  2. NoMatrix – Judgement Day
  3. Deadbeat and Camara – Mining for Gold
  4. Pelican – Arteries of Blacktop
  5. Naked Raygun – Home of the Brave
  6. The Menzingers – Burn After Writing
  7. Mean Girls – Tinder Date Existentialism
  8. Batalion Zoska – Once Again
  9. The Wraith – Ballad of Aeon
  10. Red Hare – When My Stars Sleep It’s for ages
  11. Superchunk – Reagan Youth
  12. Back Volvo – Punkrock Family
  13. Jodie Faster – Troubled Justice
  14. Adult Magic – Popcorn
  15. Sharks Teeth – It Takes Pressure
  16. Allo Darlin – Tallulah
  17. The Briggs – Because You’re Young
  18. Billy Liar – The Start of Something
  19. The Spewers – Punk Rock Family

I played the title track of the new Outcasts record, Forever Young last week. Another track on the EP is the newly recorded version of their classic You’re A Disease, it’s a bit faster than the original but shows that age hasn’t impeded the band.

An Irish double this week with NoMatrix kicking on. NoMatrix are a punk band on DeadLamb records showing a healthy nmusic scene outside the Capiutal. We don’t need to rely on the big cities playing music. There’s just as much despondency no matter where you live.

Deadbeat and Camara are 2 Canadian musicians with a starngely alluring almost folk electronica feel

Pelican are an instrumental post metal band. Not sure what the term post metal means other than to say they can’t be metal as there’s no vocals. Heavy guitars and pounding drums, you can imagine the hair and sweat flying.

Chicago has produced some fine bands, none more so than Naked Raygun. ANd just to show it’s not a state full of metal bands with no vocals I have rooted out some classic Naked Raygun for you. The band will have new music coming soon and you will hear it when I get it.

The Menzingers are playing Dublin in a few weeks ago. Their last trip to Whelans was a joyour raucous explosion of energy and I expect it to be no different in a couple of weeks

mean Girls were play of the day a while ago on this very site, a band with many neagtive lyrics but strangely uplifting to listen to. Sure we all like to a ood moan eh 🙂

Yeah we like our punk rock here in the Hope Show and Batallion Zoska display some of that raw new wave punk tunes that gets the top tapping.

The Wraith may not exactly be punk rock but their darkness has its root in our protest songs.

Red Hare from Washington DC have a history in so much good music that ahs come from Washington DC. There last album, little acts of destruction has some of that classisc building emo tinged punk

I love Superchunk. I saw them in 1995 and have often wondered why they never made it Irlenad. Every record is great including their new stuff. This song seems like a homage to those earlier noisy punk rock days

Back Volvo sing about a topic I love. Punk rock family

Jodie Faster are part of that Punk Rock Family, our raltions from France they have just completed a UK tour

Adult Magic are also part of the punk rock family, maybe different genes but certainly no prodigal children. Their s/t lp on Dead Brokle ecords is well worth your time

As is Sharks Teeth – strangely nice and charming

I only remembered recently that Allo Darlin are no more. No more will we get to hear those charming pop songs live, unless they revive in some for at a c86 memorial gig? Now there’s an idea,

Cock Sparrer‘s Because You’re Song has been coverend many times but I like this version by the Briggs, we can all sing along. It’s good to sing

Billy Liar is one man, his guitar and his emotionally fuelled songs. He is on the soundtrack for the New Music which I saw this week. A wonderfully sad debut film for Chiara Viale and well acted by Cillein McEvoy. A real labour of love and a great diy film

I’m finishing with punk rock family by the Spewers. We are all in it together.

Go and see the New Music

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