Bad Sam
Bring me the head of..
Bad Sam records

Again in today’s internet age the Bad Sam record has no context details but sure if you’re not like me buying records from record shops then you can head straight to band camp and order this. When I was buying this in All Ages I was told this is the ultimate in “fad punk”. I’ve no idea what that means but I do have a vision of a legion of middle aged men slowly pogoing in a bizarre fashion to this.

Musically it reminds me of Canadian hardcore like doa or snfu if jello grew up in wales and fronted the band. Beddis has been singing and playing in bands this style since his days in co boy killers. When Cowboy Killers played in Dublin beddis became part of the audience and confronted the crowd as they thrashed their way through their tunes. Nothing much has changed in the intervening 30 years and sad punk hasn’t meant a maturing or mellowing in that rage

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