Hope Show December 29 2019

I haven’t put a show up in a while as life has got in the way but with so much good music on the go it is nearly becoming a duty to pass the good sounds around.

We start tonight with Iron Chic who played my gig of the year when i was honoured to see them in July.

Misfortune Cookie’s debut lp is one of the records of the year, following on from those Bear Treade Classics which was the nucleus previous outings

Mark Magill has been playing punk in various guises for years. His repertoire includes Short Sharp Shock, Down And Outs, NoMarks and with a new ep out now.

I saw the final three songs of Sleaford Mods set in Dublin this year as I was at a hurling game that night. I’m usually happy when gigs end early and I’ve time for te and toast when I get home but a 10pm curfew was a surprise.

This year was my introduction to Self Defense Family when I bought their 6th album – Have You Considered Punk Music? They are a post rock collective with lots of good tunes

Bratakus are a 2 piece political punk band from scotland in much the same vein as Hagar The Womb were in 1984

Dark Thoughts self titled LP on Drunken Sailor records features 12 short sharp Ramones garage inspired tracks, so good I played 2 of them tonight.

Lee Harveys and Paranoid Visions share a guitarist and both are flying a strong flag for punk in Dublin.

Fontaines DC are ensuring Dublins music scene is getting a good spotlight at the moment, it would be a shame to see the pure punk of Paranoid Visions and Lee Harveys being ignored in the process

I’ve seen Petrol Girls live a couple of times and each time they were a blast of fresh air. Telling it like it is and how it feels to be a woman in a band in our punk scene.

I, Doris are flying the flag for Loud Women collective in UK, a collective that promotes women in bands and one that unfortunatley is very much still needed as we enter the third decade of the 21st Century

Werecats, from london, brought out one of the most underrated albums last year. Packing a good strong pop punk punch

Sleater Kinney started in Olympia, Washington in 1994 – paving a Riot Grrl path that is now Riot womyn

We finish the night with the Joy that is Joe Solo – We could Be the start of something better. Exactly.

1. Iron Chic – My Best Friend is a Nihilist
2. Misfortune Cookie – All Dogs Are Nina
3. Mark Magill – Song of Hope
4. Sleaford Mods – Just Like We Do
5. Self Defense Family – Have You Considered Punk Music
6. Bratakus – Pollution Evolution
7. Grit – Diamond
8. Hagar The Womb – Dressed To Kill
9. Dark Thoughts – Identity Crisis
10. Dark Thoughts – Ain’t No Love
11. The Lee Harveys – Modern Holocaust
12. Paranoid Visions – The other half Lives (Politician 2019)
13. Fontaines DC – Boys IN The Better Land
14. Petrol Girls – Touch Me Again
15. I, Doris – The Girl From Clapham
16. Werecats – Builder
17. Billy Liar – Bastards of Young
18. Sleater Kinney – A New Wave
19. Joe Solo – We Could Be The Start of Something Better

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