This weeks gigs in Dublin – Dec 31 – Jan 6

It’s quiet enough as the teens enter their 20’s but Pillow Queens in Workmans Club is one good way of seeing out the old and bringing in the new. Whelans offering of And So I Watch You from Afar would beat Jools Holland too. The Utopia Strong are an electronic band from the UK who have among their ranks the snooker player Steve Davis. Not content with having Chas and Dave mention him in the snooker loopy classic Davis has had an alternative path on the go for a long time now and Whelans will be an interesting place to hear this ambience. If you can’t make it to Whelans then the Workmans Club on the same night would be a good choice. Extravision are playing a benefit for Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, which unfortunately still needs benefit gigs in 2020. A lot of folk are heading to the folk gathering in Vicar Street for Lankums two nights on Jan 4 and 5 while the annual Vibe for Philo is still happening in Whelans

Pillow Queens – Workmans Club, Dec 31
And So I Watch You from Afar – Whelans, Dec 31
Long And Greasy, Luna Sky, Headcase, Anomia – Fibbers, Jan 2
Pre vibe for Philo – Whelans, Jan 3
The Utopia Strong – Whelans, Jan 3
Infectious – Fibbers, Jan 3
Elaine Malone, Extravision – Workmans Club, Jan 3
Skeletal Family – thomas House, jan 4
Vibe For Philo – Whelans, jan 4
Lankum – Vicar St, Jan 4 and 5
Wizard Fruit – Fibbers, Jan 4

A Full list of upcoming gigs here

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