Fucked up reader
Bryan Ray turcotte
Ginkgo press

This book has given me the best quote I’ve read about punk rock “
It was just a movement, where anyone who cared could be part of something that really mattered” Shawn stern from byo records and youth brigade.

But who did it really matter to! The thousands of kids looking for something in their life as they entered their teenage years. The world wasn’t answering all their questions and they found comfort in peers. Whether that was kicking against the pricks or organizing their own gigs, records, magazines or books. Punk gave the creative spark that anyone can do it. You are part of a cultural process, you belong.

This book is a collection of paragraphs from people involved in the Us punk and hardcore scene – from bands like the dead Kennedy’s to the weirdos to black flag to minor threat to all and sundry in between. Inter spaced between the quotes are fliers from classic gigs. Lineups like Chiefs, TSOL and Social Distortion. Or JFA with Adrenalin OD. It seems like every gig was a classic but the gig goers at the time didn’t view them like that.

The stories are like an oral history of bits of scenes all over the country, small towns invigorated by punk rock.

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