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  1. NoMeansno – Cats Sex and Nazis
  2. The Ethical Debating Society – Poor Liam
  3. Damien Dempsey – They Don’t teach This Shit IN School
  4. Jackson Veil Panther – Rats
  5. Trouble Pilgrims – Instant Polaroid
  6. Fresh – Passing
  7. Los Campesinos – For Whom The Belly Tolls
  8. Wardruna – Gra
  9. Lawrence Arms – Are you there Margaret? It’s me God
  10. Latterman – He’s a good sposato,(i love ya blue-blue)
  11. Erica Freas – PLease Go Walk In The Rain
  12. Mekons – never been in a riot
  13. Screaming Toenails – Teach Yourself to Fail
  14. Kodiak – Tone Arm
  15. Dealing WIth Damage – Stop Everything
  16. Amyl and the Sniffers – Westgate
  17. Frankie Stubbs – Don’t you ever say goodbye

Remind ourselves 10 years from now just what we did

In what has been the most bizarre weeks in many of our lives we turn to music to help provide inspiration and solace in what seems like a mist. The calm before the storm it maybe or the eye of the storm for others. We are here for each other, ready to help if needs be and somehow find light as we look through this tunnel. Doing a radio show seems so insignificant but somehow we need some normality, something that doesn’t give us the latest figures around ICU beds and stats on new cases.

What a better way to take your mind away from things is the always amazing NoMeansNo. I was having a chat on Twitter during the week about how great this band were live, how that sound captured everyone in the room. I saw them loads of times and always finished the show being covered in smiles and sweat. That bass sound. unreal.

The Ethical Debating Society is not just a great name for a band. This song is from the Loud Women compilation series that showcases many great bands around the UK and elsewhere who have Women in their ranks.

I saw Damien Dempsey live in Vicar Street and the atmosphere was incredible,. I saw his live show on Facebook for Paddys day and although it was to a physical audience of one (the person filming it and maybe his partner too??) there was a huge virtual audience singing along and being at one with Damo – the church of Damo it is better known as. As all the schools are closed the obvious track to play was They Don’t Teach This Shit In School – at least they won’t be over the next couple of weeks

Avon terror Corps is a label from from Bristol Theirs is an an industrial sound of their city. Jackson Veil Panther are one of the bands on this prolific label

Trouble Pilgrims from Dublin brought out their excellent debut album in 2017, Dark Shadows and Rust. It was allocated album of the year here and Instant Polaroid is a great single fom it

Fresh are punks from the Uk. Fresh in name and fresh in sound.

Los Campesinos put on a great show in Whelan’s a couple of years ago. Their Sick Scenes album on Wichita records is a lovely collection of pop the way it should be.

I changed the tone with Wardruna from Norway. Almost drone like their new single is gra – the new single from their forthcoming album Kvitravn on Music For Nations

Back to the sing along punk rock with Lawrence Arms and are you there margaret, its me god

Is there a better band than Latterman for the screamo sing along punk? Maybe Rvivr, or Iron Chic but Latterman are pretty good for that heartfelt sing along. Remind ourselves 10 years from now just what we did

Erica Freas was in Rvivr, she has a new album out on Don Giovanni and Specialist Subject Records. She played with Chewing On Tinfoil at their recent sold out Whelans gig. It’s one woman and her guitar now. Stripped back to the bone. Cool

The Mekons may or may not have ever been in a Riot but they have been leading the way for forty years, and are still at it

Screaming Toenail played the Decolonise Fest last year. This is from the compilation of that great festival.

I saw a piece on you tube during the week from Crane. Ir was a live gig from 1989 and got me thinking about Kodiak, Steven Malley’s band after Crane. Malley has been playing music constantly since Crane, trying to get all sorts of noise from his guitar. Kodiak is nearly as memorable a venture as Crane for me

I told you a couple of weeks ago I loved the Dealing With Damage new record. I still do. Great new album from UK Punks

Amyl and the Sniffers are due to come over from Australia and play in Whelans in Dublin in June, who knows if it will happen but their grungey punk is a great exhibition live, hopefully we will get to see it

I love the sound of Frankie Stubbs‘ voice. So much emotion and in these very emotional times it is one song I had to end with. It’s ok not to be ok, it’s ok to be anxious and worried. We are all in this together and we will get through it. See you on the other side friends. Don’t you ever say goodbye xx

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