Commoners Choir
Untied Kingdom
No Masters

Available here

It’s Where we go from here that will define us

We’ve more in common that divides us the Commoners Choir proudly sing. 70 voices and an odd instrument thrown in with an album fueeled by pasion politics and hopefully some persuasiveness.

Of course this was recorded in a time when we gathered peacefully (or not) and protested at decisions made by those in power. We gathered at enterntainment venues and sang songs or spoke poems of resistance. Art was used as a means of rebellion. No, it’s all different. We are a community trying to unite against a virus that is out to topple. It shows little mercy.

Last month as this album was being prepared for release it was a collection of songs proclaiming those who were working for change. A collection of stories where life has a value and not a price. Circumstances are now showing, for many of us, the real meaning of life as we prepare for what may be a tsunami of devestation. We have value on life, every easy breath is important. it’s not economics it’s community that matters.

This is one harmonious collection of hope, a hope we need more than ever as live Facebook feeds replaces live gigs. Let’s not forget this hope when we rise from this fog that envelopes our actions.


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