This Weeks Gigs: Nov 20 – 26

Friday for me will be Tom Holliston + Simon Wells in Anseo. Excitement is building up in Hope Towers for this. Simon was in Snuff and Tom was in Nomeansno- what an incredible pedigree. Close your eyes and it might be 1990 all over again. Umack have really pulled a special one for this.

Play of the day isn’t dead but alive with sound

It has a supporting caste of all his friends from his nomeansno days but this is far from a follow on. It's a new departure with a nod to the past. Like the way the world has moved on since those diy days it is still relevant to our everyday lives and this is one record to put on loud and enjoy.

Thursday Tunes – Last Reserves

Thursday Tunes returns for 2020 where we get a band playing an upcoming gig in Dublin to lit 5 songs they are currently listening to or have had an effect on their lives or music. This week we have Last Reserves, a punk band from Liverpool who are playing the Dando Sessions on Friday. First … Continue reading Thursday Tunes – Last Reserves

Thursday Tunes: Tom Holliston

Thursday Tunes - Tom Holliston For many people Tom Holliston is better know as one of the Hanson Brothers, or more notoriusly one of NoMeansNo who played some classic gigs in Dublin. He was touring and recording with both of these legendary Canadian bands for 16 years. He has now started playing solo gigs which … Continue reading Thursday Tunes: Tom Holliston

Label Of the week – Alternative Tentacles

One could easily be forgive for forgetting about a record label that has been releasing classic albums for nearly 40 years. it's a sign of todays mobile world. We no longer need to rely on a labels good name for records to listen to. Alternative Tentacles started in 1979 and since then it's roster has … Continue reading Label Of the week – Alternative Tentacles

Nomeansno – Dance of the headless bourgeoisie

Nomeansno Dance of the headless bourgeoisie Wrong Records The benefits of telling history stories is that events have usually happened and consequences thereof also exist. Of course in many cases we don't learn and repeate the mistakes and achievements of previous days. IN 1998 Nomeansno released their 12 song double album, thier eight album, and … Continue reading Nomeansno – Dance of the headless bourgeoisie