Airstream Futures
Le Feu Et Le Sable
Little Rocket Records

I’ve listened to this record about 15 times now and am still trying to pin the references down. It is rock, indie punk maybe with some bits of that grunge sound we all know about but first let me explain.

Airstream Futures are from Chicago. Two of them were in the Bomb. Who are the Bomb I hear you say? Well before there was the Bomb, there was Naked Raygun. Exactly. This is their second album and is a continuation of the mid tempo punk sounds of Spirale Infernale.

Theirs is a sound that rocks a bit and then the tunes bring it back into a more punky feel. Right from the start with Cemetary Sparrow where Devon gets you singing along with her in a song about depression that is far from depressive. It is a collection of mid paced guitar based downright good songs. There’s a certain energy right through carried by the guitar sound of Jeff Dean (yep, see above – The Bomb) and carried by the steady bass and drums of Katie and Mike.

Overall a refreshing guitar assault on your senses

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