Killer tunes And screaming bloody murder in the basement of hell… and other stories

Twisted tales of getting the band back together 


Just like a perfect records there’s 11 slabs of punk rock here. Except it’s not set to music it is in writing. Of course if there was a soundtrack it would be eclectic, yeah there would be richard hell mixed in with the anarcho punk of Hagar The Womb but where else would you get a book that remembers Xmal Deutschland?

I have that very same book here where every story has aging punkers re-acquaintancing and getting the band back together. As someone who played in a band in the 80’s I can fully emphatise with most of the characters. We started the band with a belief that any one can do it. A soundtrack inspired by the clash and any number of tangents after that. It could be crass or flux or just as easily be sisters of mercy or maybe the three johns or Blitz. They all inhabited an independent world to which we belonged. 

Of course as we aged and the music didn’t . We realise that anyone can start a band (and should) but not all bands are good. That doesn’t matter it’s the spirit that’s important. 

This book encapsulates that punk spirit. Anyone can write a book. Cubesville has been doing zines and books for years.  The world is a better place for it.


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