Alerta Anti-Fascista

I’ve been doing a bit of jogging lately. That’s what happens when your hair goes grey and climbing stairs become slightly more difficult. Or you look at your kids and think it’d be nice to be around for a bit and watch how they assimilate themselves into the world. After listening to this record I feel like I’ve run a marathon. It’s exhausting, full on noise and screams.

I love getting records that mean something. Records that have lyric sheets and other bits and pieces enclosed that make up the whole package. of course it’s a bout the music when you put it on but if you have a fanzine called “Vindication Of a Vegan Diet” to accompany your listening pleasure then all the better. If each song is a call for vegan action, a request to remove flesh from your diet and to stop justifying the killing and mutilation of animals because “I like hamburgers” and the lyric sheet that accompanies the record makes it very clear that it is then 2 thumps up.

the label on one side of the record says GO – the other side says VEGAN. They are preaching to the converted with me but it’s nice to be reminded every now and then.


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