New Hope Show now out and available here

  1. Longknives – No More public Displays of Rage
  2. For those I love – Birthday
  3. Joe Strummer – Acoustic
  4. Tokyo Lungs – Punk Shit/Shit Punk
  5. Pardon Us – Still Needs Singing
  6. Omega Tribe – Skinhead
  7. Petrol Girls – Disgrace
  8. Hive – Pleasure Venom
  9. Bratakus – Half Woman
  10. Armored Flu Unit – This Machine Kills Fascists
  11. Soulside – This Ship
  12. Zero Again – My World Now
  13. Incisions – Deny
  14. Neutrals – No 82
  15. Necking – Detective Olivia Benson
  16. Migraines – Transport Pigs
  17. Cornershop – St Marie Under Canon
  18. Glib – Pastels

I played the Long Knives on the last full music show and gave them play of the day on the blog. This song is a real grower.

For Those I Love released a cassette last year but it’s the new album from him that is getting a lot of deserved notice. Quintessential Dublin electronic music the album is raw and powerful. Full of feeling and a genuine care resonates throughout

I feel like I mention Joe Strummer every day. It’s not just about the Clash’s music but my dog who passed away just before we locked down was called after the great singer. No greater tribute in my book. There’s a new collection that is for the completists but anything with Strummer on it is worthwhile in my book.

Tokyo Lungs have a record coming out soon. It’s raw punk rock with feeling, a classic Kibou Record release.

The Pardon Us album, seamless, released last year on the excellent Everything Sucks label slipped through the radar. A lovely collection of pop punk tunes

Omega Tribe’s 10″ came out in July last year on Grow your Own records. This band was around in the anarcho punk scene in the early 80’s but there was always a pop sensibility to their songs.

Petrol Girls kick against the pricks in a way Omega tribe dreamt of before their inception. Angray and with good reason to be

Hive are on a Loud Women compilation I picked up a little while ago. It’s an eclectic collection of bands and I’m looking forward to the next release coming out on April 4. My pre-order is in

Bratakus were on a compilation I picked up on one of those bandcamp Friday’s which is a great collection of punk rock. Armored Flu Unit wear their hearts on their sleeves with This Machine Kills Fascists song also on the album.

One of the last gigs I saw was Soulside in London – there’s some footage on you tube from it. This, to me, is what gigs are all about. Yeah it’s been a while but that feeling of community and friendship and togetherness was really on show that night. They released a 7″ on dischord last year which was recorded during that tour

I mentioned Tokyo Lungs earlier and their punk assault on Kibou Records. Zero Again’s Revert To Nothing e.p was 5 songs of power and intensity. The record is sold out but you can still listen to it here

I played Incisions a few weeks ago too but their recent album on TNS is a blast of hardcore well worth your time.

I’ve played Neutrals a couple of times and will continue to do so. Post punk from the Bay Area with a Scotish vocalist. Really catchy and quirky stuff.

Necking, from Vancouver, brought out an album on the everlasting Mint records in 2019. As a fan of Law and order SVU i’ve delved deeper into their catalogue with this song from their 2017 Meditation Tape release

I played this Migraines song on episode 141 but in case you missed it I’ve given it another blast. In your face punk rock from Bristol.

Cornershop played a Hope gig in 1991. The sound is still familiar and this is their latest single from the album England Is A Garden released last year on Ample Play records.

Final song tonight is some discordant noise from Cardiff Punks Glib. Their Smear Campaign tape had 6 songs of uncompromising hardcore punk



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