Hope Show 142 – available here

The playlist

  1. Jeff Rosenstock – No Dream
  2. Genn – Duda Dance
  3. Cat Apostrophe – Waiting Room
  4. Simon Wells – Somehow
  5. Fontaines DC – Hero’s Death
  6. Liz Iz Evil – Hit Number One
  7. Aerial Salad – Lazy
  8. Screaming At Traffic – Weekend Cartoon
  9. Bl’ast – Only Time Will Tell
  10. Carry All – DIY
  11. Proletariat – The Murder of Alton Sterling
  12. The Effects – Eyes to the light
  13. Swimmers Jackson – Summer’s Herald
  14. windings – This Is Fine
  15. Dealing With Damage – Some Colours Never Fade
  16. Hard Left – Strike For America

The Lowdown

I was so happy to stumble across the fact that Jeff Rosenstock has a new album out. I saw him live in London a couple of years ago and it was a magical night, it was one of those ones were you are comfortable in the presence of all thoses there. In true Jeff Rosenstock fashion it is available as a free download from Quote / UNquote but you can also buy the record from Specialist Subject

Genn are now based in Brighton, having relocated from Malta. I think the first time I’ve played a band from Malta on the show.

Cat Apostrophe have a new record out on Everything Sucks Music, lifelong Amateurism. A nice pop collection

An album that sneaked out a couple of years ago was Simon Wells Crime of the Scene. Acoustic classics from the former Snuff, Southport, Your Mum guitarist. The man is a legend in punk rock, criminally ignored and underrated.

Fontaines DC on the other hand are on the opposite side of that spectrum. Doesn’t make them not good but they are certainly valued and well worthy of so much attention. They have a new album coming soon, a follow up to the much acclaimed Dogrel. I can’t wait to hear it. I love this, Life Ain’t Always Empty – a theme song for these times

Liz Is evil were a breath of fresh air on the irish punk scene a couple of years ago. They appeared on an excellent Lambination IV compilation

I’ve played a few Aerial Salad songs from their new record, Dirt Mall. It’s worth reminding you about it again. Great record

Screaming At Traffic are a punk rock band from Canada. This song is from their I Don’t Like Sport album which came out late last year

BL’AST were one of the original hardcore bands in Santa Cruz. Formed in 1983 brought out their album The Expression of Power in 2014. real Black Flag-esque explosion of power

I’ve picked two songs tonight to play from Lambination IV – the second one being Carry All from Italy. Any song with DIY in the title is bound to win me over.

I interveiwed The Proletariats singer a couple of weeks for this show but the recording didn’t turn out. I was holdingoff on playing songs from the bands album but can’t wait any longer. Especially considering the events in the States this week. This song is about the murder of alton Sterling in 2016. unfortunately we will probable have songs about the murder of George Floyd in the near future.

There is a coupe of distinct Washington DC sounds, and this is one of them. A slight offbeat quirky post punk funk that bands like Q and Not U have. The Effects are from that genre and their Dischord record is a great synopsis of that sound

Swimmers Jackson new record is a complete DIY effort. It’s breezy almost Beach Boys reflection with some pyschadelia in there. i played Bouts a coupke of weeks ago which Swimmers was in. This takes on a more acoustic feeling but great for the garden with the sun shining.

windings from Limerick have been on the go for a while but this 2 track came out at the end of march

Like Aerial Salad I have been raving about Dealing With Damage‘s new album for a while now. A band I have so much time for. Their sound is a mix of all my favourite bands. They have a new ep on Little Rocket Records which is fast becoming the best UK label.

I’m finishing off tonight with Hard Left – political street punk from the US. Another crazy week as we try and make sesne of our surroundings and build a better future.

Take care

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