A slightly different Hope Show this week. We are going with a spin off – called Gab Fest for now. The idea is to chat to people about gigs or bands that meant something to them.

Of course where would I turn to first but to Michael Murphy to talk about his early introduction to Live music and his trip over to Futurama Festival in 1981. We only scratched the surface so have Part 1 now, Part 2 will be up next week. Our main focus this week was on some of the many ingredients that make up punk rock and whether Simple Minds could really be one of them

1. The Passions I’m in Love with a German Film Star
2. Gang of Four: Outside the Trains Don’t run on Time
3. Theatre of Hate: Original Sin
4. Virgin Prunes: Love lasts forever
5. Bow Wow Wow: W.O.R.K.
6. Simples Mind: Sons and Fascination

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