Hope Show 150 is now online

So for GabFest *3 myself and Michael have decided to start where music started for us 1976. We chat about the times and the influence many of these bands had. For years after I started listening to punk rock I saw no real reason to listen to anything from prior to 1977. It took me many years to go back and listen to some of the bands that may have been trailblazing the way. For GAB Fest we are going to do a weekly show chatting about the course of punk rock and play our songs of the year. 45 years later so many of these still sound as fresh as ever

Anarchy in the uk – Sex Pistols
Golden Years – David Bowie
Blitzkrieg Bop – Ramones
Keys to your heart – 101ers
New rose – Damned
Blank Generation – Richard hell
Hanging on the telephone – The Nerves
I’m stranded – The Saints
Roadrunner – Johnathan Richman and the Modern Lovers
Cherry bomb – The Runaways
Gloria – Patti Smith
The boys are back in town – Thin Lizzy

Listen here

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