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1. New Model Army: Bittersweet
2. Bad Brains – Banned In DC
3. Neubaten: Tanz Debil
4. Minor Threat – Out Of Step
5. Public Image Ltd: This is not a Love Song
6. Minutemen: Bob Dylan Wrote Propoganda Songs
7. Southern Death Cult: Moya
8. Avengers – We Are The One
9. Redskins: Lean On Me
10. UK Subs – Another Typical City Involved In Another Typical Daydream

So we set ourselves the unenviable task of picking 5 songs each from every year of punk, starting with 1976 It gets no easier as we move through the years and eras. It’s now 1983 and the door may have closed on the first wave of punk. There’s bands like the Avengers and UK Subs from that wave still releasing music. Well in the Avengers case it was a re-release in 1983. People from the Pistols are still involved in the culture. John Lydon is changing his ways where money applies and Steve Jones is producing the aforementioned Avengers. Hardcore is speeding through the States with a work ethic emerging with bands looking after their entirety of their releases. There’s a post punk noise booming from Bradford and displaying some soul the Redskins release lean on Me on the industrious CNT Records. Germany is creating an industrial noise that maybe bands like the Avengers or redskins aren’t listening to but it all emanates from the challenge and disruption of punk rock

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