Tonights show sees Michaels and I pick our 10 songs from 1984 Punk rock itinerary. It’s available to listen to here

  1. Raw Power – Fuck Authority
  2. Sonic Youth – Death Valley ’69
  3. Celibate Rifles – Back In The Red
  4. The Specials – Free Nelson mandela
  5. MDC – Missisle Destroyed Civilisation
  6. The Pogues – boys from the County hell
  7. The Partisans – 17 years of hell
  8. Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalised
  9. Conflict – Stop The City
  10. Husker Du– 8 miles High

Tonight’s show is a celebration once more to the Spotify playlists of our youth – the compilation album. Starting with Maximum Rock’n’Roll’s Welcome to 1984 album and the International Peace Compilation along with a sneaky inclusion of the Partisans with the No Future comp in 1984. Bands with roots in Italy, England, Wales, Australia, Ireland and the States feature in the show tonight.

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