Bobby Singer
Crapoulet records

I love when I stumble across good things. it is hard when you are looking for a drop of water in a basin which is what many new releases are. There are just so many to choose from. I came across Bobby Singer the old way – his label has some good stuff on it so it’s worth checking everything on that label.

Singer is a One man hardcore band where Olivier from Mr Godson gets to decide what goes where on everything. A collaborative effort between 5 record labels including the excellent, aforementioned, Crapoulet. When Olivier wanted to put a project together on the noisier sphere of punk rock he couldn’t find anyone to assist so in true punk rock fashion he has done it himself. This album is a complete find for me. One that has me screaming phonetically along to the noise on offering from this French musician. And here it is track by track

Demain – motors along in that dreamy emo punk way with words being sung in a heartfelt manner. Part of lifes wonderful cycle is the sadness that goes with seeing loved ones depart, this song is about one such tragic event.

L’apogée de la médiocrité – Faster but still not breakneck. Tuneful hardcore complete with spoken interlude asking people not to be passive but get out an work to change whatever we wish

Pour avancer – . It must have been challenging and liberating to put a whole record together. A wonderful venture. This slow and brooding reminds us that things are worth working for

Qu’importe les autres – This starts of with anthemic feel as the screamo really kicks in and then a change of direction. It was this song that really piqued my interest as the french language comes across as the perfect accompaniment to the noise. My favourite track off the album

Nous sommes – A song about the spirit of the DIY and the madness that takes over people to drive 8 hours to play a gig in front of 0 people. It’s the madness that never goes and the creative streak in us all (including this author who just wants to share good music with you). Nous Somme being screamed at the top of your voice. We are. Indeed

Leurs regards – faster punky feel with sing along punk rock vibe

Morne – Loud declaration for us to keep on keeping on, that breaks out in the end, hopefully like the mood of many trying to stumble their way through lockdowns

Une indécence resplendissante – breaks into the hardcore nearly a sing along vibe.

The record finishes with En cendres, despite the title translating as In ashes this is a call to us all to keep fighting for what we believe in. I sure believe in the quality of this record

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