Back Breaker
By Any means necessary


Sing along punk rock, shining their boots and ready fight fascism By Any Means necessary. This is a Canadian homage to Oi.

I’m always interested in peoples take on Working Class. Through the industrial revolution the workers put the hours in to produce goods the upper class were making their money on. This assembly line moved further and further away from the West as unions looked to shop workers, office workers and those in the gig economy. Class lines got blurred as money became more accessible, as did education.

Whatever way these Kitchener punks look at it they have 5 songs saluting the working class and those fighting fascism. Back breaker are wearing their heart on whatever patch they put on their harrington jackets. They want us to raise our fists and voices, for workers to stick together and most importantly of all avoid blaming the vulnerable for the issues of the world.


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