I have been praising Dealing with Damage on this site for quite a while. Since interviewing Ed in October 2017 or giving the album Play of The Day last year.

I asked Ed to do a back and forth radio show during the lockdown where we picked a song for starters and went off on somewhat related tangents for the next track. it was fun, it’s always fun to talk to Ed. We started with the The Clash and finished with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and discussed many facets of punk rock.

Their album is a nod to DC hardocre and UK punk of the late 80’s. A clarion cry for wanting us all to be nicer to each other. They have now added a couple of songs and remastered the cd. I have said also on this blog that I love the activity of listening to a record on vinyl. It becomes a different experience with the sleeve in your hand, reading the lyrics and analysing the artwork. You can stop at half-time, pop the kettle on or whatever and switch sides. A great album for vinyl – get it here


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