Play of the Day – Pardon Us

With a catchy line of "I'm fuckin fumin" Pardon Us have a low-fi pop punk sound but are rooted in diy punk rock. I'm lovng this track. A 7" out on Everything Sucks Music and a new album about to land Alternatively check out the video if you like some visuals

A week of punk

"Punk rock saved my life", Derrick Johnston proclaimed one Monday night in the hut to an audience one could quite comfortably count with two hands and we knew exactly what he meant. My saving wasn't on the form of punk but it certainly shaped my life. So many decisions I make on a daily basis … Continue reading A week of punk

Cathal Funge. An interview with the broadcaster Cathal about his punk radio documentary.

What can we expect from the documentary?   The documentary is going to be a bit of a trip back forty years to tell the story of Irish music in 1977. I’ll be covering quite a few events from that year including The Boomtown Rats and The Radiators From Space both releasing their debut singles, … Continue reading Cathal Funge. An interview with the broadcaster Cathal about his punk radio documentary.

Welcome to the camboys, anyone want in?

Camboys Curve 10 songs of sadness and recovery but somewhere deep down there's hope. It's a reflection of life and jack Williams sings of relationships in a lo-if manner that just seem to relate.  I'm thinking more as a parent of a teenager and what they might be going through as their adventures of life … Continue reading Welcome to the camboys, anyone want in?

Roughneck Riot – Out of anger

Roughneck Riot Out Of Anger TNS Records Have you ever been in a situation where you are party to a conversation and just can't hold back on giving the punchline? Or butting in where you shouldn't? Are you one of those who can just let the story flow, hold your peace and come in a … Continue reading Roughneck Riot – Out of anger

Stay Clean Jolene st LP

Stay Clean Jolene Stay Clean Jolene Title:  Stay Clean Jolene (BandCamp, Dead Broke Rekerds, Rad Girlfriends Records, Drunken Sailor Records, Bombed Out Records, Just Say No to Government Music Records, iTunes) Artist:  Stay Clean Jolene (Facebook, Twitter, BandCamp,   I'm a sucker for Christmas, I love the whole sentimentality of it. The signs that one … Continue reading Stay Clean Jolene st LP

Ace Bushy Striptease have called it a day

Ace Bushy Striptease may have called it a day but you can still check out the diy pop punk sounds on bandcamp Lofi indie with dual make female vocals. At times this record has a bit huggy bear but with more pop feel. 14 short sharp nuggets for you to remember them by niallhope

Young Attenborough – Isolation

Young Attenborough Isolation "Find your feet Let the machine sleep Seek out the beauty in the street" Is how this album finishes but what words eh? I know it's not always that easy but what if it was? Do we really new to spend our time slaving away for our next product to buy? We … Continue reading Young Attenborough – Isolation