Play of the day has you spoiled

New 8 song ep out now from Canterburys finest The spoilers has been in the works for quite a while. This release even seeing the light of day is a lesson in adversity with lockdowns, cancellations and a general urge to wonder what it’s all about.

Live music does your heart good

Moving Targets, Diaz Brothers, Dealing With Damage, The Charlemagnes Lexington, London June 12 2022 I love punk rock. I’ve said it before so many times. My punk rock is one of community, where people get out and do things for each mother. Profit is not their motive and ego, if any, is left on the … Continue reading Live music does your heart good

Play of the day is very Domestic

With little riffs going on in the background James tells it how it is. Yeah, things are tough. Life can be hard and this displayed that reality. It’s a perfect Monday morning record, headphones on as you start another week ready to change all your wrongs but in reality it’s a trip to work, some trips to the shop and a wish that you will change that world tomorrow.

Play of the day – well it’s Rudimentary

Rudimentary Peni forced you to listen to them, always a little bit uncomfortable and unsure. Nick Blinkos art was always a joy as you could examine it while the music was on and find something new each time.

Play of the day – the return of Pardon Us

This record is just one big merry go round of smiles and punk pop anthems of community, promise and challenge. A heartfelt plea for us all to keep working together and be proud of our community.