Play of the day – the heavy Seas are lifting

For Heavy Seas the sound is akin to Swervedriver being played by Hardcore fans, guitars are hopping everywhere with heartfelt lyrics being sung. Right throughout it's a wall of guitars crescending almost wave like around you.

Play of the day – Moral Mazes

With a back catalog of bands such as Kerosene 454, Channels, Office of Future Plans, Jawbox, Burning Airlines, The Bomb, Airstream Futures and Amusement Parks on Fire this was always bound to be a perfect guitar driven sound

Play of the day: Seth Anderson

Seth AndersonWe Could BeLittle rocket / One Week Records I often think of penalty takers or goalkeepers as the sporting equivalent of singer songwriters. Last line of defence or hero or villain ready to win a game singer / songwriters lay it all on the line. Seth certainly puts it all out ther. Passionate … Continue reading Play of the day: Seth Anderson

Play of the day – Spoilers

SpoilersRoundaboutsBoss Tuneage / Little rocket / Brassneck / SBAM In the true spirit of punk rock collegiality Spoilers didn't allow a chase for their signature to win out for this record. That may yet happen but in the meantime 4 little labels have pooled their resources together to help this release see the light of … Continue reading Play of the day – Spoilers

Play of the Day – Mean Ceaser

In anticipation of their EP coming out next month on Little Rocket Records Mean Ceaser have produced this little video. The South London band have only been gigging since the start of this year but for two years previous had been locked into a small square room honing their gritty punky sound. The debut EP, … Continue reading Play of the Day – Mean Ceaser