Play of the day is a real Tearjerker

TearjerkerBad MindLittle Rocket Records There's something about melodic punk rock in the North East of England. It's heartfelt sing along and never too straight forward. This is a heady mix of those 90's days when Leatherface were leading the way in the indie charts. 11 melodic tracks that soar along with sing along chorus and … Continue reading Play of the day is a real Tearjerker

Play of the day it’s not just mush it’s a classic

What a game changer this album was. It took the punk rock bits many of us had grown up with, for some we had discovered us hardcore and the tunes that were going with that. We felt that music was changing trajectory, it didn't have to continue to be confrontational, it could be conversational. Leatherface were the band that made the next leap.

Play of the day – the heavy Seas are lifting

For Heavy Seas the sound is akin to Swervedriver being played by Hardcore fans, guitars are hopping everywhere with heartfelt lyrics being sung. Right throughout it's a wall of guitars crescending almost wave like around you.

Play of the day – Moral Mazes

With a back catalog of bands such as Kerosene 454, Channels, Office of Future Plans, Jawbox, Burning Airlines, The Bomb, Airstream Futures and Amusement Parks on Fire this was always bound to be a perfect guitar driven sound