Look out your window. Look out your door.
Think about how we’re gonna change this old world.
We keep saying that we’re gonna make it all right
Then get lazy, selfish and die.

For Barbara Dane – Dealing With Damage

Dealing With Damage
Ask The Questions
Little Rocket Records

“Natures gonna get us in the end”, UK Punks, Dealing With Damage proclaim in the first song Stop Everything. However don’t let that put you off the rest of the record is a clarion call for activism and community. This is the bands third recorded output (plus a nicely decorated diy cd-r but they don’t count for the purpose of this review) and in line with previous offerings there is more than a hint to DC inspired hardcore. Of course dc hardcore does owe The Ruts a riff or two and there’s no exception here.

It’s time for a crusade against the powerful they sing as the riffs and drums pound along. I interviewed them a while back and the words Ed used in his answers continue in these songs. There’s too much to do and not enough time he says and it reflects my life as I try to be creative through this blog, or radio show and remember a time when that was putting on gigs, writing a zine or playing in a band. All along though there was an still is an underlying message of wanting to be part of something trying to create a better world.

What about the songs?

Some colours never fade is a glorious reminder that we made this community and it’s all about love. It has an energy and abandon that we all have experienced throughout the years as we climb “on board to change the world”. There’s almost a sing along aspect which stops just as quickly in case you were going to get carried away. The people I see rains like the sound of trains as it changes speed From power pop to funk No barriers, no protection is a straight forward punk reminder that we need to work together. On the opposite spectrum is the acoustic swing call to action For Barbara Dane.

“So, open your windows step outside your door.
Scream your opposition when they try the next war.
Protest singers keep on singing your songs
And keep your voices strong”

For Barbara Dane – Dealing With Damage

This record is one that makes me proud to be part of a punk scene that looks out for each other as we try to make sense of a world that feels like its gone mad. It’s also damn fine to listen to and walks, talks and rocks the walk. It has entertained me through a couple of very difficult weeks. Please listen.


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