What a week that was

I have a gas cooker at home – it has three levels up full flame, on the way down and then no flame, even though the gas is switched on. I have spent many dinner times wondering is it on or is it off. Did I leave it on with no flame? Well that’s the way the lifting of restrictions was over the last week.

Mick Jones was the singer as covid restrictions sang “Should I Stay or Should I go”. They were off, they were on and then bits of them were off again. All very strange in our ongoing battle of lifestyle and pandemic illness.

In the end they were removed, well sort of as gigs were on, at least for a while anyway. I got to the cinema – Halloween first came out in 1978, one year after McDonalds came to Ireland and the franchise, like the fast food chain is still going. Unlike the new sustainable McDonalds Halloween is still about killing. Michael Myers is The James Bond of horrors, how he manages to kill that many people and survive is the myth of legends.
2 days later I got the see the Wedding Oresent. I write about them as a band that changed a life on this very blog. This story made it into this book as the Wedding Present are now really the Dave Gedge band but it doesn’t matter. Sea Monsters is the album that was being toured on and it had so many good songs. After they play the album they regale us with a small set of classics They could play a different selection of classic songs each night on their tour and still have a double album spare. Such good songs.

I was the masked intruder amidst a sea of faces, indoors tonight. I could see peoples smiles and facial expressions. It felt wrong, I’ve never done it but maybe it’s like cheating on your partner. We had these restrictions for so long and now suddenly we can escape them if we are indoors. On a dance flooor…. At a gig. All very strange as our familiarity and safety of distance erodes to what will become normal


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