Boats, trains and automobiles

Well that was a week. Things are unfolding, the world we live in is burning as COP 26 shows reps from over 200 countries getting together to see if the world can somehow agree to stop the juggernaut of global warming. NGOs are wishing the leaders would cop on to the fact that drastic action is needed but that doesn’t seem to top of most countries agenda. Compromise was reached as like the best anarchist meetings consensus was required. Hopefully it is a starting point for some but really, ultimately, it’s the people who will do it.

More meetings took place as I attended a union consultative council.

My first conference. In 2 years.

Some thoughts.

Unions need to inspire.

Inspire members to become activists. Inspire people to join their union. Inspire positive change and lead the way. Climate change is huge, unions need to lead the way with this. Unions can do this by Being involved in climate changing the workplace, helping members reduce their carbon footprint and inspiring and assisting people with this. The world needs to cool down and slow down. Unions need to be part of this. Forsa has a sustainability policy and that needs to inspire others.

Lack of housing and access to healthcare is huge, unions need to lead the way in demanding this for their members and potential membership. Factors like Co-operative housing which unions support in theory need to be supported in practices.

Unions aren’t inspiring people to get involved. That needs to change. Old men (and I include myself in this cohort) standing in stage and delivering reports won’t do it. Stories of inspiration may help.

Boat play

I then came home and travelled to the uk. On a boat.

The boat was showing the titanic on the return leg. A strange choice of movie as the wind was reaching gale force. I lay down, closed my eyes and pretended that this was the life. In fact it was the life, a chance to broaden my horizon, never mind the days of 2km or 5km or even staying in your county. This was a chance to travel beyond the island of ireland. It did seem wrong, just a little bit.

The winter will pass

A fresh mask was on for Saturday night as I got to see The Winter Passing and Chewie, the beast formerly known as Chewing on Tinfoil. Arguably the best 2 Irish bands on the go at the moment. I’m not a man for top 5 and all that but these 2 are in my top 5. And now they were on the same bill. After nearly 2 year hiatus. It didn’t disappoint one bit.

Marty has left the winter passing to further his studies in the states. There was no let up to the sound as Kate and Rob swapped lead vocals and harmonies. It may be emo but it was certainly emotional seeing them on stage.

A chewie gig is a sight to behold. The whole audience sings along and it is one rapturous party. Great tunes, power energy and excitement. Everyone smiling and some behind the masks but you can tell we are happy. And hoping. Wouldn’t it be good if this continues.


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