Toxic Waste
Sealed records

We will be free was the slogan of many involved in Belfasts war zone centre. Inspired by punk rock and activism a group of kids from Northern Ireland set up their own centre. Inspired by the bigotry of others and determined not to be drawn into their tangled web of hatred a Centre was set up to allow people to mix, regardless of their backgrounds. Hard to believe it was necessary but it sure was. They showed that people could get along, religion and address just didn’t matter.

Out of that came hands such as Punk Turds In Space, Stalag 17 and Toxic Waste. Bands that grew up with conflict, death, soldiers in the street and their movements being watched. They were angry with so much of the world and punk rock gave them that outlet to express it. I was 100 Miles down the road living in the great and peaceful Dublin. I was enamored by what these people were doing. Listening to the same music and seeing what they were creating while armoured cars and tanks and guns were whizzing by. It was such an influence on me. They chose the path of activism and pacifism. A flag was just a collection of colours. Was it better to be ruled by London or Dublin. Surely it’s the system you live under that determines things.

Toxic Waste wore their hearts in their sleeves and warzone eventually ended. So did the open conflict but the underlying reasons haven’t changed that much. The streets of Dublin and Belfast have more colours now. Things have progressed but still we look to Capital for direction when maybe there could be a better way.

An incredible energetic angry collection of songs. Unashamedly punk rock.


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