Canal Irreal
Beach Impediment Records

Sin Orden. Los Crudos. Limpwrist. Do these names mean anything to you? If they are more than just words and light up some memory candle relating to punk rock then you will want to hear this. Canal Irreal, from Chicago, have members who have played in the above bands. That just gives you a taster of what to expect.

This album has 9 tracks of absolutely driving hardcore punk rock with the unmistakable bullhorn vocals of Martin Sorrondeguy. It is driving hardcore but a slightly slower pace than Crudos. Martin still spits his words out out with venom and verocity. This time backed by some post punk mix of hardcore.
There is a lot of Chicago punk rock DNA in here manifesting itself as aggression draped in burning, melancholic guitar leads and an unpredictable hazy melodic wash. Canal Irreal translates from Spanish as unreal channel which sums up the power from one piece of vinyl.

You will struggle to get this on vinyl, such is the demand but you can stream it here and beg Alex in Distro-y to get you a copy.


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