On track……the damned
Every album, every song
Morgan Brown
Sonic bound publishing

Morgan Brown is not only the fantastic drummer in the fantastic Pardon Us, he is also an excellent author. In this book he dissects every damned song that has appeared in every album. I was expecting a story behind each song and album which would have taken an age to compile. Instead we get a breakdown of each album and each song in the authors own word. 

It is fascinating to take the recorded output of the damned, beyond the good singles that we all know, and dissect it album by album, line up by lineup.

Brown is honest – he’s a fan but not every song on every album is great. Some are poor, some would have been better not to have appeared on a finished record and Brown tells it how he sees it. 

Like some of the bands records this is more for completists but if you have any interest in punk rock then you’d be well advised to pick this up. 


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