Bad planning
Et fortes
Jump Start Records

Chicagos Bad Planning have been expressing their energetic pop punk for a number of years. This is their debut full length record with a couple of singles out since they started their poppunk noise in 2019. It is 8 chunks of song along heartfelt punk. Et fortes translates from French as strong – maybe the album is a reflection of the strength required by people to make it through lockdown. If it was Latin it would mean you too but there is an English noun which could be closest to describing the band “a great deal of breath pressure”

The album kicks off with a song along Memphis/Throw decrying those who don’t care enough for their fellow humans. “Have you ever thought about a single word before you said it?” Is something that many of us recognise. The sound is rooted in that pop punk feel with reflection deep in the lyrics. Full emo action asking “why do you love no-one more than yourself…empathy has no home in you”. 

Dead ends and amends has nearly as many words as a bad religion song as the singer doesn’t drop a melody in his voice in the closest thing to emo that the album gets. 
At times it rocks out a bit more like in Selfish which blasts out under 2 minutes or a year without sleep that drifts through with blistering pace. 

There’s tunes and energy galore here as we use et forte to reflect on life. 

Bad planning says this writing this record gave them a sense of purpose during lockdown and it purposely makes a lot of sense as we emerge from those grey days. 


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