Five Hundred BucksFive Hundred Bucks

Five Hundred Bucks
Five Hundred Bucks
self released

Sometimes I just love public transport. Or to be more exact, when there’s no one coughing over me or talking incessantly on their phone I just put my headphones on and wonder what’s everyone’s story. Even better when I have my mask on and reflect in near anonymity. Once the windows are open I’m happy. Today I’m doing so in the company of a band new to me. Instead of wondering about passengers story it’s five hundred bucks members I’m making stories up for. 

In my imaginary world the band are the big brothers of Green Day.  While the younger siblings grew up on punk snotty cynicism the “more mature” older ones turned to country rock – hell in my dreams they could have even invented the term Americana. 

The record is rooted in vulnerability – I wanna die young is no My Generation but still there’s an irony in my day-dream that I’m singing along to that title. When Jeff Riddle sings about “What Chequered lives we have” in Velvet Arms you can sense there’s meaning and passion in there. 

All throughout the record there is a feeling that this is a band with meaning. All around the piano with boots on but instead of covering Dwight Yoakam or Ryan Adams they are trying out the Hold Steady or working on some of Hot Water Music’s less sing along anthems. 
Through the vulnerability there’s a melancholic feel to the lyrics, these are from the heart but it seems a heart in a low place. Maybe singing and writing such things is a cathartic experience.  Hopefully their younger siblings can give them the valuable hugs they need. If not they should feel them from these words. 


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