Uncle Daddy
Wonk Unit
Cadiz / Plasterer

Wonk Unit are a band that are evolving and growing up in our punk rock world. Lead singer Alex is that open book. His songs are about his life and Wonk unit is very much his band. Members come and go and even return again in the case of Bass player Pwosion but Alex is the rock that keeps it all together. Of course all this is done when he is trying to keep his own life together and his trials and tribulations are all written in song and set in stone – timelines of his life, milestones that are shared. Sometimes it feels like we are looking at an open wound belonging to someone we don’t really know but Alex lets us in. We are all punk rock family.

This record takes in parenthood, cycling, relationship splitting, the beauty of summertime, jealousy and the eating of someone else’s nice food. The lyrics are an insight into Alex’s life that is seeped in irony. Whether that is his hatred of blood sports or the exhaustion felt with British politics or his love for his daughter we are brought into his world.

Musically it is a continuation of the tunes Wonk Unit are well known for. Keyboard accompaniment by Vez adds in an extra dimension to the sound. At its rawest it is sing along pop punk with a hard but comic edge. WOnk Unit are a band that when they play live want to put a smile on your face while bopping along. It’s no different on vinyl they move your legs, get them shaking and smiling that beneath the fragility of life we have people to help each other out and music is that valuable release we depend on.

Eight albums in and there is no feet stepping of pedals or sound mellowing out. It is tuneful, comic and tragic all in one glorious package.


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