The Mutts nuts
Chubby and the Gang
Partisan Records

“Where are all the singers? They’re all quiet, that’s strange
When it comes to talk of some real change”

Chubby and the gang have no real spirations as a band. Maybe create a racket that sounds like a fast noise emanating from the garage. Plenty of power chords and long hair with a garage feel. If we listen to some of their songs and smile along the way I’m sure they will be happy but I guess they don’t really mind. But deep down these songs have a message, or a proclamation for a better world.

This is the sound of pissed off workers clocking in for day jobs they don’t want to get up for. A sound for people that wonder about the mindless alcohol fuelled violence of weekend binges while understanding why people seek escape. Chubby want you to shout from the rafters and scream out about people who walk around like they own the place but won’t get too worked up about it. The music is rowdy and raucous for people who aren’t.

For a band that only started in the months prcseding the pandemic they have built up a really good reputation. This is their second album and after spending years in various hardcore and punk bands this noise is finding its way into peoples headphones and hearts.


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