Brazen Hussies
Year Zero; An Anthology
Jezus Factory Records

A lost gem from 1999 gets an airing on Jezus Factory records. Loud discordant guitars, with vocals low in the mix mistakenly creating a lo-fi impression.

Brazen Hussies existence was fraught and tetchy but between 1996 and 2004 this 4 piece London based band promised much but never allowed themseves the opportunity to capitalise on their promise. In some ways they were the anti-band, ready to let it all implode.

Throughout the 25 songs it’s trashy in a Glitter Band kind of way, extravagant in an iggy Pop manner with some bizarre Cardiacs melodies but without the synths. Vocals are shared throughout between Dave’s brittle and delicate howls and Lou’s more melodic harmonies.


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