Parker from Derry on tour with the Last Mile from Sept 22

Parker are a new band from Derry.  Their second single came out recently.  The band are touring the UK and Ireland with Last Mile tour starts next week.  In advance I sent some questions on to the singer / guitarist Dylan Bradley.

What is the band line-up. Have you played in other bands before?

The band line up is currently me, Dylan – I play guitar and sing, Eoghan plays bass and sings and Michael plays drums. Michael and I used to be in a band called Lost Avenue and Eoghan was in a band called Foreign Owl. We’ve all known each other a long time through the local Derry music scene.

You had a lot of gear stolen in England recently. What happened? Did you get any of it back?

We had our vehicle broken into while we were playing a show in London a few weeks back. We lost a couple of guitars, a bass, pedals and leads as well as our friend Joe’s camera and camera equipment. We’ve not gotten any of it back yet and aren’t particularly hopeful in ever getting it back to be honest.

Where did the connection come with the last mile?

I put on a show in Derry for Chris Snelgrove and Tragical History Tour I think in 2017. We’ve stayed in touch since and now that they’re back we finally get to tour together!

You have played a fair few gigs over the summer. Has it been difficult getting getting these gigs?

I can’t say it’s been too difficult as we’re very lucky to have made a lot of really great friends over the years of touring that are able to help us out with booking shows – that’s something Im very thankful for

You get a chance to curate a concert with an unlimited budget and the ability to raise people from the dead. Who are the five bands you pick to go on before you.

Oh shit haha. The Smashing Pumpkins (Mellon Collie era), Pixies (Trompe Le Monde era), Blink 182 (2003), Weezer now and I guess given the context of the question it’d be a shame not to put a Nevermind era Nirvana on the bill too.

They will play 4 dates in Ireland

Sept 22 – Derry Sandino’s

Sept 23 – Dublin, Bohs Bar*

Sept 24 – Belfast, McHughs

Sept 25 – Dundalk, Stags Head

*The Dublin gig will also have Australian post hardcore noise duo Chimers on the bill and is a benefit for Aoibhneas Domestic Refuge support for Women and Children

Last Mile Music

Last mile video

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