SAY A SONG: The words & music of Philip Chevron

Saturday 24th June
at the Sean O’Casey Theatre, East Wall.
Start time: 12.30pm

The Sarah Lundberg Summer School 2023 will be a celebration of the life, art and legacy of Philip Chevron. This full afternoon event will be a celebration and exploration of many aspect of Philip Chevron – his family background which led to his great love of theatre and music, his brilliant lyrics & ground-breaking music and the legacy of his work and those he inspired both to art and to activism. With contributions from family, friends, bandmates and collaborators, it will also be an examination of an exciting period of Dublin (and Irelands) musical history.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Philip’s passing. Philip was a song-writer, producer and writer, involved with the Irish music scene in the 1970’s until his passing in 2013. He was a member of Dublin band Radiators from Space, whose 1979 album “Ghosttown” is considered one of the most significant of the era. He was afterwards a member of the Pogues, and as a writer and producer he worked with artists as diverse as Elvis Costello, Christy Moore, Agnes Bernelle and also produced some of the last material recorded by Ronnie Drew and  Kirsty McCall. 

Among his many song writing credits are acclaimed songs such as “Faithful Departed” , “Kitty Rickets”, “Under Clerys Clock” and “Thousands are sailing”, all recognised not only for their lyrical quality but also their cultural significance. These, and other of his songs, present a still relevant vision of Ireland and examine topics as diverse as the weight of history on ‘modern’ society, the legacy of emigration and the hostile climate towards the LGBT community in 1970’s Ireland. 

The summer-school will also be putting forward a call for Philip Chevron’s lyrics to be officially recommended for inclusion on the secondary school English curriculum, in recognition of their literary quality and modern relevance.

The Sarah Lundberg Summer School is an annual event hosted at the Sean O’Casey Theatre in memory of the late Sarah Lundberg, who took her own life in 2014. Sarah was an historian, archivist, poet and publisher (Seven Towers Press). Her memory is honoured each year by friends and colleagues who present a topic which she herself would have chosen. Previous Summer Schools have covered topics such as the history of pirate radio, Ireland and the 18th century slave trade, and the legacy of Dr Kathleen Lynn.

Tickets are free and limited and available here

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